If you are receiving this error, please try a few different CDs and DVDs to make sure it isn't due to a dirty or scratched disc. 

Make sure to test with a CD or DVD that is not a CDR/DVDR (burned).

Clean the disc by wiping with a dry soft cotton cloth, and rub from the center outward towards the edge of the disc.

If you are still unable to play a disc, please enter the following commands to perform a factory reset:

 Menu > System Settings > Factory Reset.

We also recommend trying a canbus reset:


•Remove the positive and negative cables from the vehicles battery.

•Touch and hold the cables together for a few seconds , this might cause a light spark.

•Reconnect both the positive and negative cables.

•With all doors closed, lock the vehicle and let it sit for 15 minutes.

•After the 15 minutes unlock the vehicle, and start vehicle with the door open, test your radio for the CD error.

If this does not fix the issue, please contact support directly so we can setup a repair or exchange.