This is usually due to the GPS signal being weak and needing to have a stronger lock. Please try the following steps:

1. Drive around to sync the satellites with your unit. This could take up to 24 hours. 

2. Unplug, then plug your GPS antenna connector – push hard to verify a good connection. Do not severely bend the cable since you might break the internal wire. 

3. Re-position the antenna for better signal reception – verify no metal object is above the antenna. Window tint can also affect satellite reception. You could temporarily place the antenna outside of the vehicle just to illuminate any obstructions. 

4. Change your region: select “DEST”, then touch the map (right side of the screen). Now select your region. 

5. Eject the Map Disc and reinstall it.

If you're still having issues, please feel free to to contact the support department for additional assistance.