If you've purchased the Ford Mustang 4" to 8" Sync 3 upgrade and watched our installation video you may see that there are two small cables connectors that are mentioned and is missing from your kit. We are sorry for the confusion, we've improved our kit to hopefully make your installation experience a little better. You will no longer need the two short cables connectors and should have received one long USB cable with two male ends (See the photo below).  



  • You are going to connect the new USB cable from the back of the APIM (attached behind the radio screen) to the media hub USB port.
  • You no longer need the grey plug as seen below. You can leave it hanging or zip tie it.
  • You no longer need the female plug that was attached to the original media hub as shown below.

*All you need to install the media hub located in the middle console is the power and ground harness along with the USB cable with the two male ends.