If you recently purchased a radio and you notice we included a pigtail connector that appears to be loose, please see the video explanation below: 

The main reason why we shipped a pigtail connector is due to maintaining the integrity of the radio. Keep it OEM. 

All of our reconditioned radios go though an extensive inspection process. The radio's connector must fail the fakkra inspection before it's opened up and the main board worked on by a repair technician. If the metal coax inside the fakkra is fully functional and in good condition, we have no reason to open up the unit and rework the main board when we have these connectors that are not only color coated, make make the install slightly easier when connecting your cables.

In the past, we would attempt to glue a new fakkra connector on, resulting in the glue not sticking to the metal of the radio. Other than this, the only other option would be to completely dismatle the unit, and replace the entire connector which can take a lot of time. 

If this is a deep concern and you are unhappy with your product, please reach out to the support department via trouble ticket or email for assistance.