This is not a map update.

This is not a UConnect Firmware Update. 

If you are on a lower Garmin Software version and need to update the Garmin Software, please see the instructions below. 

Please proceed at your own risk. 

Infotainment will not be held liable for any damages done if this update is performed and your unit does not function like it did previously. 

This is for convenience purposes for Infotainment Customers and is also clearly available on Garmin's Website found here:


•Blank USB Flash Drive (at least 4GB in space)

The GARMIN EXPRESS software (click here)

•Following the instructions below carefully.

If you'd like to update your maps, please go to 

Infotainment does not guarantee the latest maps as stated on the store page for the RB5. 

  1. On your Uconnect system, press the Nav icon.
  2. Press Settings.
  3. Press Map.
  4. Press Menu Bars (located in the upper left corner of the screen).
  5. Press Update Map.
  6. Insert USB drive into your vehicle's USB port. The vehicle will automatically recognize the USB drive.
  7. The navigation map data and software level will automatically load to the USB drive.
  8. When prompted, remove the USB drive from the vehicle’s USB port.
  9. Insert USB drive into your computer and install/launch Garmin Express. Follow the prompts in Garmin Express to download the software update(s).

This is not a map update.

This is not a UConnect Firmware Update.