First, please double-check your work by reviewing the installation videos from our website!

7 speed install video:

4 speed install video: 

Any issue with fan speed, climate control, ex. blows hot/cold air only, blows from certain vents, etcThis is almost never caused by the dash bezel or radio. Please confirm that you ordered the correct kit for your vehicle. Refer to these pictures below of the original dash to confirm that correct kit was ordered. Please check your email for your order confirmation.

Should've ordered 7 speed upgrade

Should've ordered 4 speed upgrade


If correct kit ordered, please verify that correct kit was sent. Refer to these pictures for verification:

Factory Ram 1500 7SP GPS Navigation 8.4AN RA4 Radio Upgrade

7 speed upgrade kit

Factory Ram 2500 3500 HD 4SP GPS Navigation 8.4AN RA4 Radio Upgrade

4 speed upgrade kit

If incorrect kit sent, please contact customer support via online chat on our website. If correct parts received, please verify that the correct HVAC controller module (square black box) was sent by checking the part number on the label on the bottom of the module. Refer to the module circled in the picture below.

7 speed part number: P68268186AA 

4 speed part number: P68105017AE

2018 part number: ends in 6553AA

If incorrect part number sent, please contact customer support. If correct, please try re-installing the module. This will fix the issues in a majority of cases. If the re-installation does not correct the issue, please attempt to reinstall the rest of the components. For example, removing them and re-installing. This includes the radio. Check for fraying or wires pulled out of the connectors on the harnesses that were sent. If fraying present, DO NOT attempt to re-install. Please contact customer support. 

If issues still present after all troubleshooting attempted, please contact customer support. Please be aware that our support team will review each of these steps and the outcome prior to moving forward with an exchange of the equipment.