If you're having issues with antenna installation, specifically fit, please see below: 

Video Explanation/Guide:

Pictured Instructions: 

This is what the antenna looks like if purchased by Infotainment.com

These two radios are the most popular Toyota Entune radios available,

 but the antenna fits into the slot as pointed to below. 

This is the INCORRECT installation. [Below] You can currently see the white on the connector. 

This is the correct installation.[Below] The white portion on the connector is no longer visible.


We will not be held liable for any damage done to the connector. This connector as pictured is used and worn for testing. 

If you purchased an antenna from Infotainment.com, your antenna will be in new condition.

Using a pair of pliers, have one end on the clip, and the other near the bottom of the connector and try not to pinch the cable. 

With consistent, and firm pressure pull the pliers up, while using your thumb and index finger on your other hand to remove the connector from it's slot.

If you're still having issues, or believe the antenna you have is faulty, please reach out to the support department directly to set up an exchange.