If you're having issues with your VP3 (RA3) VP4 (RA4) Infotainment system not showing the Cargo camera, or you're not sure how to access it, please continue below: 

Your unit may appear to visually look differently than the one below. But generally, the same things will apply across all units. 

It should be noted, almost all icons on the unit can be 'dragged and dropped'. 


Troubleshooting Steps: 

•Double check your OBD Genie supplied is the C-SCC (cargo camera) Genie and not the C-RVC Genie (Rear view camera) 

- If your OBDGenie says anything besides C-SCC and you purchased this kit (CHMSL), contact support immediately.

- You should have received a solid green light at the end of the programming. 

- Issues installing the genie? Click here to see the article on OBD Genie Support/ Troubleshooting


•Verify you're running the latest software. At time of writing this article, it should be 17.11.01 on the VP4/VP3. 

    -If you're not, please click here and go though the steps of updating your unit. 

    - See below if you don't know where it's located. 


If you have verified above, you should be able to access your cargo camera as shown below: 

If you're still having issues, please reach out to our support department for assistance for further assistance.