If you're having any of the issues below, you may need to install the VSS kit (brown connector) which should have been included in your kit along with a set of pictured instructions. 

Not all vehicles require a VSS kit. The VSS Kit was developed to solve two potential problems that might occur after installation.

1. GPS Tracking:

      •The navigation display doesn’t accurately follow me down the highway.
      •My current location vs. what’s being displayed on the navigation screen seems to be different.

2. Voice Commands:
      •After I input a destination and while I’m driving to that destination – the navigation system only gives me two voice commands saying “Proceed to the highlighted route” and “You’ve reached your destination”.

    - Please refer to page 15 of this guide if using map-disc unit: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6lYJ9532h_ZaW9tYURRSUk0X1E/view

    -If using hard-drive unit, please refer to the attached .pdf.