Below is information for the 4 Speed HVAC Conversion.
If you currently have a 7sp fan prior to the upgrade, click here. 

Please click here for the product page. 

Common Problems and Troubleshooting Steps (4 speed to 7 speed) 

- No power to the 8.4 bezel (no lights, etc.): 

Check the conversion harness & 8 pin plug for proper connection/damaged wires

.- Fan doesn’t work: 

Please click here to show the conversion harness and blower harness connection. The blue Molex plug should be connected to conversion harness (page 10)

-Fan is erratic, resistor issues, possible bad connection from harness to resistor:

Please click here to view a video showing a possible resolution to this issue. 

- No power to the radio afterwards

 Check the fuses in the PDC. If those are ok, check the secondary/inline radio fuse near the brake booster:

Attached is the install guide for a 4 speed to 7 speed conversion.