Please try these troubleshooting steps: 

•Double check the cable you have connected is properly inserted into the device

•Swap the cable with the original cable that came with your device. 

•Try the second USB port. 

Follow these steps if above is correct: 

•Verify your phone is in fact charging when plugged in. 

•Do you have the Android Auto app installed? 

   -If you did previously, uninstall the app and simply plug the phone into your nav, it should prompt you to download it. 

If the above fails, please read on: 

"Connect Supported Device"

Go to the settings on the home screen on your navigation unit. 

You should see "Android Auto Settings" and "Apple Carplay Settings". 

If you're only seeing "Carplay Settings" your infotainment system is one of the first generation models and will need to be re-programmed/swapped to enable Android Auto. 

The 2016 HMI 2.5 models did not originally offer Android Auto despite being compatible with it. This is a fluke/bug during the programming process that is extremely rare. 

Please reach out to the support department if you do not have "Android Auto Settings" in your Settings.