If SiriusXM support is giving you a difficult time transferring service, please see below: 

Trial Period Transfer: 

•If you have a newer vehicle and upgraded your Infotainment system though us, you probably have a trial period of SiriusXM for a year or two. Most would assume this is an easy procedure to transfer service over, specifically if you plan on keeping it after the trial period. SiriusXM will give you a hard time about this, however if you contact your dealer, the dealer may take care of the issue, or provide you a Work Order Number to provide to SiriusXM support to finalize the transfer. If your system already appears to have another account active, they can still remove the account. You should just need the Work Order Number, your SiriusXM ID, and some patience. 

Normal Transfer:

•If you are actively paying for a subscription, there is no excuse for them to give you a hard time about a transfer. You want to keep the service and continue to pay for it, you've upgraded your vehicle with an updated infotainment system and want to experience it's full potential. 

*You should ask to speak to a supervisor if you are experiencing , your results may vary. 

You can contact SiriusXM via there website by clicking here