For RA3 and RA4 Infotainment Systems: 

The current most up-to-date software is 17.11.07. 

This is an OTA(Over The Air) update and should be applied automatically.

2013/2014/2015 Vehicles:

•UConnect App button is now in the center on the task bar on the menu (instead of far right)

•You now have the ability to drag and drop icons. 

2016/2017 Vehicles:

•The new update only updates bug fixes/ application performance for 16/17. 


Ports (USB/SD etc) should show up automatically under media without the need for a port patch.

 (13/14/15 Vehicles will always show ports.)

If your ports are not showing on media, please verify you have the most recent update. 

If you do, it's likely you have a 13/14/15 vehicle with a 16/17 RA3/RA4. To view the ports in this instance, we would highly recommend taking your vehicle to the dealership and requesting a "Restore Vehicle Config". Not only will this give you the ability to see the ports that are connected, but in the process they will update your BCM which can fix any bugs/patches the system.