If you are having issues with the GPS not locking, please follow the steps below:

2011-2012 Vehicles:

•Make sure to unplug power from the DLP (Sirius satellite radio module - separate from radio) and unplug and move the yellow antenna plug to the back of the radio and plug into splitter provided.

•Next plug the pink on splitter to pink on radio and yellow from splitter to yellow on radio.   

2013-2017 Vehicles:

•If you had Sirius on your original radio plugged direct to the radio with yellow plug, plug the yellow plug to the navigation unit's yellow plug.

•If you are not getting both Sirius and GPS then please contact our support department.  

We will send you a GPS antenna and you will eliminate the splitter and plug directly to the radio both the GPS and Sirius plug. 

Applies to ALL Vehicles:

•If you are not getting a GPS lock, the map does not show your location on the map, take the GPS antenna and put it directly on the dashboard or on the roof and drive it around.  

•If you have a dual antenna like in the 2011-2012 vehicles try driving it around also. You may have to ride around for a good day of driving before it updates. 

•Once it does you can re-position the antenna just below the dash where no metal is blocking it's view of the entire windshield so no metal over or around it. The dash material will not effect it.  

Putting the GPS antenna on the dashboard or roof and driving around for awhile is key. However if you have exhausted this and all of the above is covered, then please contact our support department for further assistance.