SWC - Steering Wheel Controls

Did you install the XP1 harness (if applicable)?  Not all vehicles use the XP1 harness

If your original steering wheel control had the phone button and you replaced that with the one from the kit, try your original SWC.  Most of the time it's not necessary to swap that if you have the phone button. 

Try a canbus reset which resets the module that sends/receives the signal from the SWC's.   

•Remove positive and negative cables from the vehicles battery.

•Touch and hold the cables together for a few seconds


•(if you have a diesel disconnect both batteries, then do one battery at a time then go to next step)

•With all doors closed, lock the vehicle and let it sit for 15 minutes.

•After the 15 minutes unlock the vehicle,  and start vehicle with the door open, test radio. 

If they are still not working then unfortunately your SWC module is not compatible for this type unit.  In this case you can use the radio display to make calls and everything will operate correctly except the SWC's. Please contact our support department for further assistance.