Product page can be found by clicking on this link

The UConnect Jumper kit is designed to allow you to retain use of your factory microphone when upgrading to an RER or RHR navigation radio.  

For the RER, the jumper cable is used, the USB cable in the kit is only for the RHR radio.  

Jumper Kit Installation Video

Quick Instruction Guide: 

Step 1 : Locate your UConnect module and disconnect both cables as pictured.

Step 2: Join the disconnected UConnect module cables to the UConnect Jumper Kit female plugs.

Step 3: Join the UConnect Jumper Kit male plugs into the rear of the RHR radio.

•You will need to re-pair your phone to your newly installed 730N RHR after installing this kit.

Attached below is the PDF that is available on the product page which has additional information.