The Navigation System in the MyFord Touch (MFT) models has two integral parts. 

First is the GPSM (Global Positioning System Module) which is a GPS receiver. 

 The other part of the system is the APIM (Accessory Protocol Interface Module) also known as the SYNC module which is attached to the rear of the MFT display.

The GPSM receives signals from the GPS satellites and then transmits that data over the vehicle network to the APIM. The APIM then uses this GPS data to “know” the location of the vehicle. Depending on other circumstances the APIM may also use data from other modules within the vehicle network.

It is important that both the GPSM and APIM have the most up to date software. 

Unfortunately, it is not possible for the vehicle owner to determine the software level in the GPSM. The only way to know if an update is available for the GPSM is to go to the dealer or someone with the dealer vehicle software known as IDS and have them hook up to the vehicle and check for software updates.