1) Send an email to Dodge Customer Care. Let them know that you've upgraded your system to an RB5 unit and that you need to have the sales code "RSM" added to your VIN. Tell them which dealer you use, since they will use them to authorize/perform the update.

2) Your dealer will contact you and quote you a price for adding the sales code. If you can bundle this with a backup camera, even better!

3) After you have agreed to have the service done, you will need to pre-pay the service charge. The dealer will then contact Chrysler/Dodge and authorize them to add the sales code on their end - again, the dealer cannot add the RSM code locally.

4) When Chrysler/Dodge gets the code added to your VIN, they'll contact the dealer and let them know that it's been completed, and the dealer should contact you.

5) Take the car in to the dealer and let them reflash your sales codes. After that, you'll have the "More" icon in the corner and Travel Link should be working fine.

You can reference this info off the forum link below also: